The Youngest Horse Rider

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The Youngest Horse Rider

India Book of Records has been proud to associate itself with a little angel who achieved the record for being the youngest horse rider. Her name is Hindavi Nikhil Yadav of Mumbai, Maharashtra and her age is merely 2years, 4 months, and 20 days. This little girl child rode a horse for a total of 50 minutes at Goodwill Stud Farm, Dand Phata, Lodhivali Village, Maharashtra on May 21, 2022. She performed 13 different activities like rising trot, sitting trot, 2-point trot, Pole bending, toe touch while riding, hand on head, and waist while riding. With this, she became the youngest horse rider in the country.

Hindavi, sitting on a horse, is not afraid at all and she performs various tricks with great ease, following the orders of her coach. Sometimes she does stretching while horseriding, sometimes she shows the process of descending and climbing, and then she sits comfortably with one hand resting on her head or waist. Along with the movement of the horse, the Hindvi’s body also moves up and down. His rhythm while horse riding is worth seeing.

Born on December 16, 2019, Hindavi lives in Khopoli Village, 8 km from Lonavala. Her father, Nikhil Yadav is working as an Assistant Engineer in City and Industrial Development Corporation Limited (CIDCO), Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mother Shweta is a homemaker, who also rescues and helps the needy street animals. The family left their home in Mumbai and lives in a rented house in nearby Khopoli village to take care of the rescued animals. There are four rescued indie dogs and five cats living in the house. Growing up with the animals in her home, Hindvi is comfortable with all the animals. That is why she did not have any problem in riding the horse, although she had seen the horse for the first time.

At Goodwill Stud Farm, training is usually given to children above the age of five, while Hindavi was only two years and two months old then. There, in a competition, Hindavi participated in a special appearance. Seeing the rhythm of Hindavi on the horse, the owner of the stud farm, Hatim Lakdawala said that “this girl is a gifted child”. At the same time, he announced to give lifelong free horse riding and training to the girl. Considering the horse riding training, the parents have decided to get the child admitted to the Hiranandani Trust Playway School, located near the stud farm. Apart from horse riding, Hindavi also has a sharp mind. She can sing 40 songs in Hindi and Marathi.

During the day, her father’s time is spent in the office, so it is the responsibility of her mother Mrs. Shweta to take Hindavi to the stud farm in the evening. At the end of the horse riding session, her father also joins in and the family returns home together. Hindavi has got various picture books having different types of photographs. Seeing the picture books, she has started recognizing many animals and objects with ease. She is also learning the English alphabet and counting.

Nikhil says that parents should spend more time with their children. Seeing the interest of the children, one should think about developing it and never force anything on the child. Children should be allowed to do whatever they want to learn or do as per their wish.