International Collaborations

The journey of India Book of Record’s International Collaboration started back in 2011, when the Chief Editor, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, was invited as the Chief Guest for an event organized by Vietnam Book of Records; in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


By the course of the event, the Chief Editor of Vietnam Book of Records Le Tran Truong An, and Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, collaborated and took a pledge to bring the record holders from around the world in one platform.

The aim of the collaboration was to standardise and make a thriving global community of record holders. This way the Member Nations’ Books of Records’ Chief Editors of the decided to meet at least once every year to discuss the future course of action.


The dialogue between the two chapters was carried forward and concluded that the Joint Chief Editors Meet will be hosted every year by one of the Member Nations so that every year an earnest effort is made towards ensuring that these extraordinary products reach the masses and in turn, inspire people to innovate.

The Exchange Meet aimed to achieve the following objectives.

  1. Provide Global Recognition to Record Holders and Record Attempting Talents who create unique products.
  2. Arrange an Exchange Program amongst the similar category of record holders from various parts of the world.

The standardization effort of both India and Vietnam Book of Records gave birth to International Protocol for New Records (IPNR); a detailed guideline and protocols for record making, across the globe. While making guidelines for any record, all the Editors of various Chapters were consulted, and the benchmark was set for adjudicating all future records. 


Catch a glimpse of our International Collaborations

The First Joint Chief Editors Meet held in - India

The India Book of Records; for the first time in the history of Record Books’ held the Joint Chief Editors Meet on 12-01-2012 in DelhiThe event was attended; by Chief Editors of Book of Records of all the Member Nations. On this very day, for the first time: A Book of Records was launched in two different languages – Hindi and English; simultaneously at 12 pm across 12 cities in India. 

Glimpse of 2012 Book Launch