Biggest Human Map of India

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Lokpuram Public school, in association with Kasber Council for Performing Arts and Cultural Trust and The Times of India (Thane Plus) created history by creating the biggest human map of India. The most fascinating thing is that It was created by 1100 children in a span of  just 1 hour. The grand finale was slotted on the February 1, 2009 at Thane’s mammoth Dadoji Konddev Stadium. The colossal map measured 65 meters x 45 meters. There was musical drill formations based on folk music from different parts of India, with props like umbrellas, pompoms, rings, hula hoops, ribbons, et al. Schools will create floats on themes provided to them in with specialin put and ground support of Kasber council for performing arts and cultural trust .This event was special planned and conceptualized to a noble ideals as Go Green concept. Talented youngsters participate in dance, yoga and aerobics, March past, musical band championships with intricate routines choreographed by their teachers only.