Monumental Acheivements unveiled in Vietnam

Monumental Acheivements unveiled in Vietnam

Grand Reunion of World Record Presidents in Vietnam

A momentous event of unparalleled magnitude unfolded in Vietnam as the esteemed presidents of two world record organizations, the World Records Union (WorldKings) and the World Records Association (WRA), convened for a remarkable reunion. This grand gathering, hosted by the Vietnamese Recorders, showcased an array of activities all geared towards the common objective of “Together with the community of Vietnamese record holders to promote trade and sales to the world,” and commemorated exceptional records.

The meeting took place on May 20 in Ho Chi Minh City, themed “Enough sunshine to bloom – Enough vision to see opportunities,” commemorating the Vietnam Record Association’s 10th anniversary (2013 – 2023). Thang Van Phuc, the Central Chairman of the Vietnam Record Association, expressed gratitude, stating, “The establishment of the Record Association in 2013 fulfilled the aspirations of Vietnamese record holders nationwide.”

Vietkings, the Vietnam Record Organization founded in 2004, has tirelessly discovered and recognized records, bringing Vietnamese excellence to the world and embracing global achievements in Vietnam. Presently, Vietkings holds an astounding 2,980 Vietnamese records, including 85 world records and 106 Asian records.

During the reunion, various accolades were presented, including the Gold Disc of Creativity and Dedication by the World Records Institute, Honorary Doctorates from the World Records University, and recognition of world and Asian records. The event also celebrated the Top 100 100-year-old units operating in Vietnam and fostered trade promotion agreements among record holders.

Significantly, the Vietnam Record Association and the Vietnam Record Organization now serve as the exclusive unit for nominating world records in Vietnam to the WRA, forging a strategic alliance between two prominent record organizations and expanding global recognition of Vietnamese achievements.

In an awe-inspiring display of reverence, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, the illustrious General Director of the Asian Records Organization, on behalf of WorldKings, bestowed certificates of merit upon the esteemed senior leaders of the Central Association of Vietnamese Records, including Nam and the Vietnam Record organization.

This grand reunion was a testament to the immense value and magnitude of the record-holding community, showcasing the remarkable accomplishments and fostering international cooperation, propelling Vietnamese records to global prominence.

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Ba Vang Pagoda Shines with Dual World Records

A momentous day unfolded at Ba Vang Pagoda in Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh, as this sacred site achieved not one, but two world records simultaneously. On May 21, amidst an atmosphere brimming with joy and reverence, the Great Buddha’s Birthday 2023 celebration took place, marked by the grand inauguration of the world’s largest mountain lecture hall. Thousands of people and devoted Buddhists congregated to witness this remarkable event, making it a truly memorable day in the annals of achievement.

The auspicious ceremony encompassed various religious rituals, including offering incense, chanting the birthday chant, presenting water offerings to the Buddha, a vibrant flower parade honoring Buddha’s birthday, and a graceful dance performance dedicated to the auspicious occasion.

A particular highlight of Buddha’s Birthday 2023 was the unveiling of the mountain lecture hall at Ba Vang Pagoda. This magnificent structure has a seating capacity of up to 15,000 people, the lecture hall embodies the vision of providing a sacred space for Buddhists to listen to Buddhist sutras and partake in significant temple ceremonies.

During the ceremony, the prestigious World Records Union (WorldKings) bestowed an official world record recognition upon Ba Vang Pagoda, proclaiming it as the “Three Golden Temple – Where there is a 2-storey Buddha lecture hall located on the mountain, with the largest total floor area in the world.” In parallel, the World Record Association also acknowledged Ba Vang Pagoda as the temple housing the largest Buddhist lecture hall on a mountain, spanning two floors with the greatest area in the world.

The world stands in awe of this remarkable feat, and the legacy of this mega event will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of those who witnessed the convergence of spirituality, grandeur, and world records.

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Exploring Excellence in Ceramic Innovation

In a remarkable display of industry appreciation, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhury, President WorldKings and General Director Asia Book of Records paid a visit to Vietnam’s pioneer Ceramics industry, Gom Dat Viet, of Dat Viet Ceramic Group. As an acclaimed ceramic firm, Gom Dat Viet has not only gained national recognition but is also a winner of multiple international accolades. Led by Mr. Nguyen Quang Mau, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Ceramics, the visit proved to be an insightful journey into the world of ceramic innovation.

The efficient entourage of Gom Dat Viet Company took the dignitaries from the elegant showroom, adorned with artistic ceramics, to the state-of-the-art production facilities, every aspect reflected the company’s commitment to excellence.

During the visit, the WorldKing delegates had the privilege of exploring various departments and products of the company. The research and development unit showcased the tireless efforts invested in exploring new techniques and materials. The production floor, a hub of activity, demonstrated the skill and precision of the craftsmen who transform raw materials into exquisite ceramic pieces. The company’s focus on advanced machinery, eco-friendly production processes, and automation was widely acclaimed by everyone.

An integral part of the visit involved engaging with Gom Dat Viet’s passionate and skilled workforce. The World Records Organisation leaders had the opportunity to interact with the employees, witnessing their commitment to the craft and their pride in being associated with such a prestigious company. The team’s knowledge, expertise, and dedication were instrumental in shaping Gom Dat Viet’s success story.

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Nguyen Quang Mau, the company has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry. The commitment to excellence, embrace of innovation, and dedication to sustainability have positioned Gom Dat Viet as a shining example for other ceramic firms to follow.