Longest Distance Health Awareness Campaign

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My India
Medical Wing (RERF), Brahmakumaris, Abu Road (Raj)

The national health awareness campaign ‘My India, Healthy India campaign 2009’, which started from Trivendram, Deharadoon, Bhuwaneshwar, Guwahati and Lucknow on 14th, 19th,  22nd , 24th , and 27th of August 2009 respectively and finished at Bhai Das Auditorium, Juhu Scheme, Ville Parle, Mumbai on 2nd October 2009, covered a total of over 20,000 kilometers and enroute and thus becoming the longest distance health awareness campaign by a Non Governmental Organisation. The distance covered by each leg passing through states capitals, cities, towns and villages range between 3000 to 6000 kilometers. About 84 doctors and 51 medical staffs headed by Dr Banarsi Lal Sah and Dr Ashok Mehta of Medical wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation participated in service activities of Health Education, Health Checkups, and Drugs De-addiction. Above 3.5 lacs of people were benefitted by this campaign.