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Amit Pal (born on July  12, 2001) of New Delhi skipped Most (270) single bounce rope skips in one minute at Happy Model School Auditorium, Janakpuri on September 7, 2017.

Don’t skip life, but better to rope skip it

Rope skipping is one of the traditional, yesteryear leisure, playing activities of the country.

In present circumstances, it is life skipping in which we are indulging ourselves in.

Which is trying, avoiding, running away from our circumstances.

But no matter how hard we try to practice escapism, it is always or most of the times back to square one, which we have to experience.

With losing time in between, which we could have saved on if we would have stood our grounds, faced difficulties with a strong resolve, iron hands and the like.

Nevertheless, coming back to square one here in this context, rope skipping as an activity, needs to see a comeback in the habits of people living in both rural as well as urban areas alike, for it being a good form of exercise, helping towards burning calories, improving blood circulation in the body etc.