Most Items Made Of Beads

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Saladi Jeevani
Most Items made of beeds

Saladi Jeevani (born on April 14, 1980) of Andhra Pradesh made most households goods using colourful beads. She made 5×6 feet bed, 4 feet Sofa and two chairs, bunk bed with ladders having 5 feet height and length 3×6 feet, single bed, 3 lamp shades, Dressing table, Carpet, Chess boards, a beautiful frock with 192 national flags on it, Sandles, Handbag, Book rack, Wall hangings, Baby swing, Accessories and Decorative articles of total 200 items. Total 10, 67, 245 beads were used in making all these articles. Jeevani made these entire household within 6 months, working 16 hours a day.