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Pune, which is the administrative capital of Pune district of the state of Maharashtra and once the centre of power of the Maratha Empire, is at present the eighth largest metropolis in India. Formerly known as Poona as per our ancient Indian history, it is known for the prosperity and facilities it provides mainly in the field of education. It is the birth place of some brave legends like Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. But this time, it is not the history or facilities of Pune that has made it enter the record books, but something else of this large city attracted the attention of the media and India Book of Records. And that powerful force of gravity was the scheduled feat of bravery to be performed by one Martial Arts enthusiast from Pune.

The ceiling fan, whether at our own sweet home or at our neighbors and relatives household, either summers or winters, running or at a halt, is known to everyone on this earth. Ceiling fan is not only a great source for providing respite from the heated Indian summers but also is an amazing source of accidents and may call for an unwanted rush-hour. There are so many examples of people getting hurt due to this angelic disaster. Many mothers shout at their kids for jumping and playing on their beds if the kids are tall enough and especially if they have a ceiling fan running right above their heads. In this case, all knows that the parents are not blaming the height of their kids or the height of their beds, but the lurking fear of the running ceiling fans, which if touched can result to an electric shock, a spinning head, a pumping nerve or else one wounded hand or head, have made them scream at their topmost voice,.

Despite being aware of all these harms attached to the tag of this rotating electronic invention, one Punekar Mr. Mayurjit Singh Kagade, Founder / Director / Choreographer of MJK Academy of Performing Arts and also an Official Member of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (Japan), was all set to attempt and stop the maximum number of running fans in 1 minute, at Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune, India, on July 20, 2012.

An excited India Book of Records adjudicator Mr. Vivek Raja reached the airport of Pune at the early hours of July 20, 2012, amidst the swashbuckling beauty, just to have a glimpse of the feat that was to be attempted by an already excited Mayurjit, known as MJK to his fans and well wishers. Mr. Vivek measured the RPM (Rotation per Minute) of the ceiling fans by using a digital tachometer and the resultant measurement was a whopping 790 rpm, which further added some spice to the already nerve wrecking atmosphere.

In the presence of the huge gathering of fans, interested Punekars, and the India Book of Records adjudicator, Mayurjit Singh entered the Nehru Memorial Hall with great motivation and a breath of passion and endurance. He started his attempt faster than the speed of the ceiling fans giving the fans a run for their speed. At the end of the already allotted time period of 60 seconds, the attempt was over. The outcome of the 1 minute attempt was the stopping of 26 running ceiling fans by the claimant. Mayurjit Singh had broken his own set record of stopping 12 fans in a minute by replacing the figures by 26 a minute.

pune fans  ceiling martial arts

This attempt was the bookmark to an inaugural category as it had never been done in India Book of Records before. Stopping a running fan naturally requires a lot of courage and technique. It is never an easy task and is not a cake walk for a normal man. If not done using proper skills, then it might end causing some severe emergency in case of the person attempting it. But Mayurjit Singh Kagade made this brave attempt, despite the towering heat and humidity, to prove that if you have passion for something, then you can make anything possible.

India Book of Records took the greatest pride in adding a star to its record book. Mayurjit Singh chipped in with a new category for us. Congratulations to him for having successfully completed what he aimed at.

There is a special mention from our side that this feat should never be tried by anyone without being under the watchful eye of a trainer and is a downright no-no for the kids and the teenagers under 18.