Young Achievers Records

Future of India depends on its youngsters and whenever someone from the group does something commendable, India Book of Records felicitates one. Anything achieved in life is worth achieving if it is at a young age, feels India Book of Records and therefore is highly worthy of being felicitated under its Young Achievers category.

Life is too short for making records, feels India Book of records. Thus, start making records at a very young age itself, says India Book of Records. Record concerning doing something absolutely unordinary, when it is otherwise time to play, sleep, be in the lap of one’s parents, be in kindergarten, kidding and the like, says India Book of Records. For a child who hardly may have seen world outside one’s home, recognizing countries, rivers on maps is no mean task, feels India Book of Records. This shows a child possibly growing, developing into a global citizen in future times to come, feels India Book of Records.

A global citizen, who doesn’t know boundaries artificial, manmade ones, made between countries, in people’s hearts, minds, emotions and the like, says India Book  of Records. At a time, when the outside world, schools, playgrounds etc are becoming unsafe for children, if a child shows brain ability, development worth commendable is not a small thing at all, feels India Book of Records. A child could be having this as a born talent or one who has come to this world with this natural flair or may have been helped by one’s parents in this regard, but all this is immaterial when it comes to India Book of Records and its Young Achievers records’ category.

Young Achievers category of India Book of Records focuses towards the importance it gives to children and their childhoods in totality. A childhood lost is equal to a major part of humanity lost, feels India Book of Records. India Book of Records under its Young Achievers category categorizes achievers as Youngest Author/Authors, Youngest Fashion Designer, Youngest Artists/Artists and the like.

Children could be crusaders of pollution and environmental degradation, concerning a number of events conducted in their respective educational institutions, where children are taught to be friendly towards environment, its flora and fauna and fight pollution with their small, iron hands at their own ends, says India Book of Records. Education should not be a burden but fun, enjoyment and play for children, stresses on India Book of Records, for them to come up with flying colours in it.

India Book of Records not just believes in education of children, but good mental, physical, psychological, overall development of the coming futures, who India Book of Records says should not lack out on nutritious, wholesome food, lacking in which can make them weak and force them to lose out on their studies, play, extracurricular activities in their educational institutions to the pathetic maximum.


Ananya Akshay Rathi (born on May 30, 2014) of Buldhana, Maharashtra, is appreciated for telling the square root of numbers from 1 to 31 in 2 minutes and 36 seconds, at the young age of 5 years and 8 months, as confirmed on February 19, 2020.


The record for being a young girl with vision was set by Divyalakshimi Varadharajan Premsudha (born on August 5, 2004) of UAE. She has been collecting discarded and used spectacle frames from people since 2015 and distributing these recycled frames among the destitute and impoverished people to give them the gift of vision. She follows the motto ‘Don’t just live, leave footprints’, at the age of 15 years, 5 months and 24 days, as confirmed on January 29, 2020.


Aishwaryaa Varadharajan Premsudha (born on April 30, 2009 ) of Dubai, UAE, is appreciated for being an enthusiastic child as she was involved in various extra-curricular activities including playing Chess, speaking, drawing and participating in a Tree project called One Root- One Communi-Tree’. She was appreciated by the ‘Dewa Robotics Championship’ in 2017 for designing a Robot to help visually challenged people and she was also awarded the third position for the Cluster Championship, Dubai, as confirmed on January 28, 2020.


The record for making spectacular paintings was set by Shanaya Trivedi (born on October 5, 2014) of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, at the young age of 5 years, 4 months and 14 days. Two of her paintings were exhibited at the ‘Heart Show 2020’ which was organised by 58 Artists from February 7-9, 2020 at the Hutheesing and Kanoria Art Gallery, Gujarat, as confirmed on February 19, 2020.


Tarun S. (born on May 3, 2016) of Bengaluru, Karnataka is appreciated for his all round knowledge on fruits, solar system and English, as confirmed on June 27, 2019.


The record for reciting the spellings of 261 words was set by Emy Jenu (born on March 9, 2016) of Ernakulam, Kerala. She can spell 20 animals, 19 birds, 12 fruits, nine vegetables, seven water animals, 15 vehicles, 12 colours, 15 body parts, counting from 1 to 10 and 142 miscellaneous words at the tender age of 3 years, 11 months and 20 days, as confirmed on February 29, 2020.


The record for being the youngest to recite all the Tamil years (60) in one minute was set by S.Sahana (born on August 14, 2014) of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu at the young age of 5 years, 6 months and 11 days, as confirmed on February 25, 2020.



The record for being the youngest kid to hoist the Indian flag after climbing a pinnacle was set by Sharvika Jiten Mhatre (born on March 12, 2017) of Raigad, Maharashtra. She climbed the Kalavantin pinnacle, situated at a height of 2, 250 feet, at the tender age of 2 years, 10 months and 29 days.  She started on January 25, 2020 at 5:14 pm and reached the top to hoist the Indian flag on January 26, 2020 at 2:07 pm, as confirmed on February 10, 2020.