The Mercedes Lover

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Shrikant M. Bobade

Shrikant M. Bobade (born on December 11, 1982) of Nagpur, Maharashtra has a hobby of collecting articles related to Mercedes – Benz, which includes books/literature (20 nos.), magazines(5 nos.), car models(24 nos.), stamps (5 nos.), visiting cards (5 nos.), brochures (7 nos.), CDs/DVDs (5 nos.), boutique items (20 nos.), leaflets (7 nos.), advertisements (31 nos.), articles (27 nos.) and others (25 nos.). His hobby of collection related to Mercedes Benz started from the year 2000. Basically, he is an architect, but because of his interest in product and graphic design, he chose Design Dissertation Project titled ‘Showroom and Service Centre for ‘Mercedes-Benz’ in Nagpur, which aroused his interest towards Mercedes Benz and he started collecting the articles related to it.