Teenager breaks marble tiles with bare hand

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Teenager breaks marble tiles with bare hand

Teenager breaks marble tiles with bare hand

Harshita Sameer Parashurami, a 14-year-old teenager, has created a new record by breaking long rows of marble plate heaps with a bare knife hand. Harshita has been practicing karate since she was a mere 4-years-old. Currently, she is a First DAN Black Belt and has set a new record by breaking 515 strong marble tiles with a bare knife hand in a short duration of 2 minutes and 57 seconds only. She shattered 126 rows of five marble plates with her hand. Each plate was 16 by 5 inches in size and 16 mm in thickness.

The teenage girl demonstrated this spectacular performance in front of Karate students, coaches, her parents, representatives of the India Book of Records, and other eminent guests at the hall of Blossom International School, Saraswat Colony, Chheda Road, Dombivli East, Maharashtra on 16th May 2022. All the spectators present there were stunned to see this unbelievable feat of martial art. She was then a student of class IX at Chandrakant Patkar Vidyalaya, Dombivli, being run by the Indian Education Society. However, currently, she is studying in class X.

Harshita’s past achievements are also no less. She has made her mark in many national and international level tournaments. This girl won the Gold Medal by winning the 7th Asia Sport Jeet Kune-Do Championship in 2012. During the same period, she won another Gold Medal in Dombivli Olympics 2012-2013. The following year, she won a Bronze Medal at the 24th Western India Sport Jeet Kune-do Championships 2013. She won two Gold Medals in Dombivli Olympics 2013-2014 and Dombivli Olympics 2015 in separate competitions.

In September 2015, she earned the distinction of receiving the First Dan Black Belt in Shin Do Kai Kan Karate and Dadi Bulsara’s Karate Ashihara Kai Kan Foundation. In January 2019, Harshita won a Gold Medal by winning Dadi Bulsara’s Karate Ashihara Kai Kan Foundation tournament. After this, on 03 August 2019, she received the First DAN Black Belt from The Shidokan Karate (World Karate Association, the Shidokan Japan).

Harshita’s karate coach Srinivas Chikkala Rao is India President and South Asia Secretary of The Shidokan Karate India – the strongest, toughest Full Contact Karate Organization. The Shidokan Karate India is affiliated with the World Karate Association, the Shidokan Japan with a presence in 67 countries of the world. Coach Srinivas Chikkala Rao allowed 503 bullet motorcycles to pass over his body on 16 May 2022 while lying on a bed of nails to cheer up Harshita for the record-making attempt. It was a wonderful gesture in itself and a fine example of a guru encouraging his student.

Harshita’s father, Sameer Parasurami, said that he was deeply shaken when the unfortunate Nirbhaya case took place on the streets of Delhi in 2013. That’s when he had decided that by giving his daughter rigorous training in martial arts, he would make her so capable that she could defend herself in an unpleasant situation in the future. Sameer Parasurami is Assistant Manager in the Research and Development (R&D) wing of Cipla Pharmaceuticals.