Technology & Innovations by India Book of Records

Technological & Innovative advancements are necessary in today’s growing era, according to India Book of Records

Technology & Innovations don’t always breed corruption, misuse, feels India Book of Records. Technology & Innovations can be a boon if used properly, according to India book of Records. It is just that Technology & Innovations should be backed by human welfare, betterment and development instincts, feels India Book of Records. Earlier we have lived without much of Technology & Innovations, now we should learn, start living with rapid Technological and Innovative advancements, according to India Book of Records.

Stories regarding Technology & Innovations feature in India Book of Records.

Stories which we used to hear from our grandmothers have long become passé as far as their lengths are concerned, realizes India Book of Records.

In the recent context, it is Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) which are ruling popularity charts, according to survey done by India Book of Records.

TTT are presented, served in the shortest possible way, with effect, reach of the stories remaining the same amongst both readers as well as listeners, discloses India Book of Records about the realization made in context of about mentioned sentence.

Not only these, but social media posts for example that from FB, Twitter written in short, interesting tiny forms can also feature in the category of TTT, feels India Book of Records.

Speaking about Technology & Innovations in context to FB and Twitter here, they are not just for spreading gossips, fake news etc., but posts in them can definitely bring about a change, if written in the right earnest on them, according to India Book of Records.

Latest and ongoing Technological and Innovative advancements i.e. apps are encouraged by India Book of Records.

Especially those ones created for women in the direction of their empowerment, safety, protection, peace, stability, equality and the like, hints towards India Book of Records.

Apps developed for protection of elderly, are looked at with an keen eye by India Book of Records.

As a law respecting, abiding unit, India Book of Records hints being with apps developed under Technology & Innovations by security, policing facility, system of state and of that of the country on the whole.

On a lighter vein, India Book of Records always look forward to apps developed in the direction of entertainment, gaming world, jokes, anecdotes and the like.

India Book of Records is there with every Technological and Innovative advancements which can make people’s lives easier, classier, safe, secure, enriching and the like.

Technology & Innovations cannot be possible without self confidence and promise which technologists and innovators show, which India Book of Records thinks are the most important things.