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The Sight Media, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, organized an online Meme Marathon, wherein 21619 Memes were made by 6263 users online at multi locations and submitted in 3 hours on a website, while they were being projected on screens at various public places including Chennai Trade Centre and other prominent malls in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on December 17, 2017.

Memes virtually pose to dominate the real world. Memes if in simplest of terms is tried to be explained, can be defined as expressions for arousing emotions. Emotions of either laughter, fun, joy or feeling sad, sorrow, remorseful, pity and the like.

Memes can be either in text or visual forms… However, social media sites are the places of memes, hub spot and the like, which should be attended, catered to by users then and there only, without their effect coming in the real world.