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To most people, farming is a job for unemployed persons and there is only dirt here, but for farmers and scientists , it is potential. The main aim of farming is not only to grow crops, but to cultivate scientifically also for the welfare of whole world. For that smartness and hard work is essential.

All India Network Project (AINP) on Soil Arthropod Pests, Assam Agricultural University (AAU), Jorhat (Assam), under the leadership of Dr. Badal Bhattacharyya, the Principal Scientist & PI, AINP on Soil Arthropod Pests, collected 73,700 beetles within 3 hours in collaboration with 100 farmers of Majuli during Mass campaigning programme against white grub beetle, Lepidiota mansueta, at  Maharichuk Village, Majuli river island, Assam, on April 9-11, 2018.