Media & Communications Records

Media not only covers record making, breaking events, but also makes records itself under the category of Media & Communications records, according to India Book of Records 

Media & Communications records, awards by India Book of Records are everlasting since Media & Communications as fields are ever existing, with just new forms, covers and the like taking over older ones.   

Media & Communications are growing by each passing day, feels India book of Records. Improvements, innovations are required in the field of Media & Communications to cope up with the growing pressure on them, according to India Book of Records. Anyone doing the needful, falls in the category of Media & Communications records, awards bestowed on one by India Book of Records.

Media & Communications are for making life of people simpler, knowledgeable, much more aware, educated and the like and the felicitation towards them falls in the category of Media & Communication records, awards registered, undertaken by India Book of Records. New-age media i.e. social media could be worthy of Media & Communications records, awards, feels India Book of Records. These are in context of multifarious activities which go on in social media, feels India Book of Records. Social media platform Facebook could be awarded, registered in records’ category of India Book of Records, for being the No 1. social media site at present, as far as its use, popularity among masses are concerned.

Twitter could be tried and felicitated by India Book of Records and registered in its records’ group, for thinking on the lines of trying, increasing its character limit to 280 in the future. However, it is not only social media site Twitter here in this context, which is ahead of everything, everyone, finds out India Book of Records. But an entity with the name of Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) has promised providing people with short, tiny stories of not more than 140 characters in total, along with interesting assortment of social media posts of users for readers to read and enjoy, discloses a survey with which stands India Book of Records. TTT as someone even ahead of Twitter can be felicitated, its name registered in its records under the category of Media & Communications records by India Book of Records possibly.

Write ups comprising minimum words can be the scenario in the future and India Book of Records shows promise of awarding the same, registering them in its records’ sections under its category of Media & Communications records. Speaking about traditional Media & Communications records of India Book of records they comprise, contests witnessing most number of songs sung by budding or already established singers of a legendary singer/singers in minimum time possible, speaking on most number of important issues, words, sentences uttered in respect of the same in the shortest time possible etc.


The record for writing a book titled Film Making was set by Udai Senapati (born on January 1, 1964) of New Delhi. The book, having ISBN 978-81-7844-296-5, is published by K. K. Publications, New Delhi in the year 2017. The book contains 21 chapters covering all aspects like a writer, actor, director, music, etc. including a budget of making films as confirmed on July 25, 2019.



An awareness expedition refers to alerting the general public that a certain issue exists. An attractive performance which gives a thoughtful message to the viewers, makes the awareness program memorable like it.



Saju Pal of Bicholin, North Goa knew exactly how to bell the cat in order to make his way into the India Book of Records. He won himself the title of the first Marathi cinematic drama for his production of  Mauli-Vaari-Pandharichi, a corollary of live performance and cinema, that was staged at Ravindra Bhavan, Sankhali, Goa, on November 24, 2018 from 7pm to 9:30pm



For Muthuvana Sanil Deep of Calicut, Kerala, winning is not everything, it is the ONLY thing. He has proven his zest by bagging the record title of an uninterrupted winning streak, by winning the Ham radio contest conducted by Quilon Amateur Radio Relay League for 13 consecutive years, between 2007 and 2019. He made his way into the India Book of Records on June 11. 2019.



Multitasking is not everyone’s cup of tea, but 18-year-old Kushal Dasgupta of Andhra Pradeshsingle-handedly managed departments like direction, story-boarding, screenplay, visual mixing, dubbing, special effects, script writing, script supervising, acting, production work, project coordinating, director of photography and cinematography for the short feature film on social awareness named ‘A Five Rupees Smile’. If this does not surprise you enough, the fact that he completed this project in just a matter of 19 days surely will.



How many different types of sounds can you make? two hundred.. three hundred.. may be not even those many. But Ghulam Mohi-Ud-Din Raina can make an astounding 1400 sounds of different birds, animals, insects, machines, instruments and musical tunes using his nose, throat and fingers. Don’t you wish you could see him perform for you now?



Shape tomorrow by voting today.

2,500 students of Azad Public School, Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh made the largest election commission logo by casting 5,000 thumb impressions on cloth on April 12, 2019. Their campaign ‘2 minutes to vote’ was a dreamy attempt at spreading awareness among the masses. Appreciation and recognition has been in line for these 2500 students for setting this one-of-a-kind record.



No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

– H.E. Luccock

On March 29, 2019, Bharath College of Science and Management, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu experienced a larger than life event, where 1117 participants came together and formed the medical plus by forming a human chain. Organized and set by the Indian Institute of Industry Interaction Education and Research, Kolathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, this was a grand record event as acknowledged by India Book of Records.