Maximum collection of rare Indian coins

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The record for possessing the maximum number of rare Indian coins from 1901-1964 (134 coins) and one unique coin bearing number 2000 and picture of Microsoft Founder Bill Gates was set by Amit Saini (born on September 16, 1978) of Ambala, Haryana. His antique collection includes 87 coins from 1901- 1947, in which 44 are quarter annas; 43 are 2 annas, half annas, one rupee coins bearing stamps of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI and one pice coins; and 47 coins from 1951-1964 which include one 2-new paisa, 14 pice and 32 new 1 paisa coins, bearing stamps of Government of India, as confirmed on January 30, 2020.