Mathematical ways to draw the National Flag

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Mathematical ways to draw the National Flag

Mathematical ways to draw the National Flag

While conceiving the idea of how to generate maximum interest in Mathematics, B. Vijay, Maths Faculty in GTA Vidhya Mandir, Neelankarai, Chennai had perhaps not even considered that he is going to be a part of the prestigious India Book of Records. He encouraged his students to set a record in a mathematical way and was successful in setting a record of ‘Maximum Students Drawing Indian National Flag together on a Virtual Platform’. A total of 334 students participated in the record making activity on March 5, 2022. The students created the Indian national flag on paper using mathematical instruments in an average span of one minute and 10 seconds on the Zoom platform.

Dr. J. Sundar, Principal, GTA Vidhya Mandir, Neelankarai, Chennai said, “We chose the national flag as a theme of this record-breaking activity, because India is the epicenter of linguistic, cultural and geographical diversity. Hot sandy deserts and great blue oceans, dewy mountain valleys and long breezy coastlines, all of them harmoniously find their place in our tricolour flag. This is what this entire event was centred around. Students of grade 6 to 10 united in their endeavour to draw the national flag using mathematical instruments within a given time frame.”

Organiser of the event, B. Vijay said, “Being a Maths Faculty, I would like to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that Mathematics is a very interesting subject. If we plunge in deep enough, we can find that everything in our surroundings and beyond is centred around math. So is this event. To be precise, our National Flag is in the ratio of 3:2, with the Ashok Chakra in the center with 24 spokes. While drawing the flag, we make 4 right angles, a line bisector and divide the total 360 degrees of the Chakra into 24 equal parts, each of them being at a 15 degrees angle. The length and breadth of the flag is 9 cm and 6 cm respectively and the diameter of the Dharma Chakra is 2 cm. All of this was constructed by the students with ease within a time frame of 70 seconds. Maths is an integral part of the world we live in, and this event seconded that notion. By setting this record, our aim is to help students see Math for what it truly is.”

“Geometry has always been the artistic aspect of Maths. We have surrounded ourselves with compass, protractors and set squares for the past few years. Meanwhile our flag encompasses within it all of India’s glory and pride. Constructing the face of our country with mathematical instruments this familiar was very inspiring,” opined Deepa Priyadharshini, a grade 9C student.

In today’s world where artificial intelligence is fast replacing human intelligence, it is becoming increasingly important to foster an interdisciplinary approach to education. “Through this program, GTA Vidhya Mandir integrated Art, creative thinking, patriotism and mathematics among the 334 students to successfully achieve this record. Such real-life social experiences inculcate soft skills such as team work, communication, time management and focus to prepare them for the competitive world. I had the privilege of witnessing the event.

The correspondent of GT Group of Institutions Bharat Kanti Doshi, Principal Dr. J. Sundar, Vice Principal Mrs Sivakama Sundari, Maths Facilitator B. Vijay and all the staff members along with students participated in the event. The effort put in by teachers in preparing students for the feat was apparent in its seamless execution”, expressed Dr. Anita Murali, Professor and Head, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research. The event was watched over by Dr Saranya T Jaikumar, Educational Psychologist and Member of Tamil Nadu State Commission of Child Rights and Protection.