Mass Attempts Records

India Book of Records prefers both records made in high intensities and numbers

A record is made, created  broken every second, minute in the world, according to India Book of Records. Some records are singular records, other are plural records, says India Book of Records. An activity in a record can be done just for one time as well as innumerable times, says India Book of Records. The latter falls in the category of Mass Attempts record category of India Book of Records. However, seeing a record made, created when others start following the same comes under the head of Mass Attempts record category of India Book of Records.

Inspiration is one of the themes of life and backbone of Mass Attempts records category of India Book of Records. On the same lines as that of most number of common people in the country, India Book of Records too believes in power of masses. Nothing can stand in front of the effect, reach and power which masses experience and depict, feels India Book of Records. Same goes for Mass Attempts records’ category of India Book of Records, which encourage others to attempts for the same record simultaneously with the original one and in future times, till many years  to come down the line.

Seeing someone going for cleanliness of water bodies project, can encourage a large number of people to lend their helping hands in one of the most required global projects of the moment i.e. conserving our water bodies for the sake of our coming generations, says India Book of Records. Leading by being an example, is another facet of Mass Attempts records category of India Book of Records.

When it comes to leading by example it is not just an adult who fits the bill, but even a child can make others to sit up, take note, think, act etc, feels India Book of Records. With not so secure times for children going on, a child able to stand for one’s rights clubbing with it rights, protection, peace, stability, equality of others, only sums for a Mass Attempts record, award to be felicitated by India Book of Records to one along with other record holding books of the world.

Large scale attempts, efforts made in the direction of empowerment of girl child, children, women, children community in total, marginalized groups in a society, either by a single person, group of persons, a large body, organization and the like, calls out for worthy of being felicitated, feels India Book of Records. It is both the power of a person as well as the record attempted by one, which is taken into consideration in Mass Attempts records category of India Book of Records. It could be a single jump towards trying touching the sky, but if it propels others to leap for the horizon, it can very well be taken in the category of Mass Attempts records group of India Book of Records.


The record for organising an extraordinary official conference was set by Sushant Tukaram Sunita Kamble (born on November 12, 1993) of Mumbai, Maharashtra, along with his team ‘Camp N Joy’. The team arranged a production setup for a formal meeting at a beachside, along with tent stay and various entertainment fillers such as the bonfire, live unplugged session, from January 25, 2020 (starting at 4 pm)  to  January 26, 2020 (ending at 10 am), as confirmed on June 3, 2020.



The record for creating the biggest poster (measuring 12, 012 sq. feet) on COVID- 19 was set by Thurumella Ravindra Vijaya Prakash (born on July 15, 1964) of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, along with three others. The poster, measuring 78 feet in length and 154 feet in width, was made along a spacious cemented road with the caption ‘Break the chain – Smash Corona’. The marvellous poster was made during the lockdown to provide Coronavirus awareness to the public, as confirmed on May 11, 2020.