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Aim ‘N’ Hit Roller Skating Academy of Chennai organized the Longest Speed Skating Relay, wherein 61 skaters, skated 58.6km distance with 768 laps starting from  11:25am till 2:35pm at Aim ‘N’ Hit Roller Skating Academy Ring, Layout corporation park, Palavakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on  January 26, 2018.

Same public with new additions to it, with new aspirations, wants, needs are the essence of each R’ Day celebrated   

Our country needs wheels of development for it to move at a fast speed.

Census conducted, gathered says so at least.

Youth wings of the country need not be just for namesake.

But need to move forward and bring about the changes which they desire and dream about.

Taking the expertise, experience of our elderly wherever felt appropriate, required for the purpose.

Nevertheless, the baton of movement, revolution, renaissance, the fire regarding the same, should not die down, but the light, strength associated with the same, should encourage more and more others like minded individuals to join the entourage.