Greetings of the day!

Respected all,

I am delighted to announce the success of the International Conference of Chief Editors at the National Book Records Convention held on 6th May’2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Such conferences are held half yearly and include various privileged Book Record Organizations as Singapore Book of Records, Malaysia Book of Records, Vietnam Book of Records, Thailand Book of Records, Cambodia Book of Records, Laos Book of Records, Indo-China Book of Records, India Book of Records and many others.

This Joint Conference of Asian Book Record Organizations takes place in every six month. This time the conference winded up with milestone strategic implications.

We at India Book of Records as per our responsibility want to share the latest information on Book Records and Record Holders. These are important guidelines and activities in interest of our country’s record holders – India’s Record Holders!

‘India’ has been chosen as the THEME COUNTRY for the next edition of World Record Union’2018 (WRU-2018).



This will bring more pride and joy to our country as an entire special section will be dedicated to Indian Record Holders. This will further boost Indian’s Talent on Global Platform with immense respect and recognition both for the country and the record holders.

The Record Holders will be entitled with assured privileges in the coming year 2018, as –

  1. All the Indian Record Holders will get an opportunity to be featured in WORLD RECORD UNION BOOK’2018 (to be launched on 11 November -2017 in Radision Blue, New Delhi and 12th November in Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi).
  2.  As, theme India is chosen for the edition WRU-2018, so all the National Record Holders will be issued a VIP Identity Card (International VIP ID Card), giving them the advantage to have special VIP treatment on their travel to the host country
  3. The Record Holders will be given Specialized Medical Training supported by Indo -Vietnam Medical Board.
  4. They will be invited along with maximum 4 of their family members, to participate as special Record Holders at the biggest ever Record Ceremony to be conducted on 10th & 11th November 2017 in New Delhi, India.
  5. The Indian Record Holders will be given International appreciation awards by the International Delegates in the Record Ceremony- November 2017.
  6. The Indian record holder will get an opportunity to participate in exchange of knowledge program between the record holders of various nations.
  7. Media Coverage at World Level.

Eligibility Criteria for National Record Holders to participate in Indian Record Holders at World Stage:

  • Record Holder’s name should feature in recognized Record Book (India Book of Records/Limca Book of Records).
  • The Record Holder should not hold/display (in social media) any certificate from Fake Record Books.

See Link 2  To identify Fake Record Books

  • The Record Holder should promote good practice in record breaking field by displaying the following International Protocol for Records (IPRs) banner in their Face-book and also displaying the same in their Whats-app profile for 1 Day.
  • To participate in INDIAN RECORD HOLDERS AT WORLD STAGE please fill Indian Record Holders Declaration Form (Click here to Download Form) and mail us at: [email protected] or whatsapp at: 08587054206. Finally, as the Chief Editor of India book of Records, I declare that Mr. Manmohan Rawat is no more the part of the organization due to his unethical practices like extracting money from the innocent record holders and promoting Fake Record Books. He was terminated on 18th April’2017, as soon as it came to the knowledge of management committee. If anybody is communicating with him, we hold no responsibility for any action done by Mr. Manmohan Rawat.


Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
Chief Editor
India Book of Records
Registered with Government of India
R.N.I No: HARENG/2010/32259