Convocation@IBRoffice is an opportunity for you to be honoured with the Achiever’s Kit in an elegant monthly convocation organised by India Book of Records at our office premises to make your felicitation a memorable experience.

By choosing to attend Convocation@IBRoffice, you will get the exclusive features listed below:

  • Grand Welcome: Bask in a spectacular welcome ceremony that befits your achievement, as you and your guest are honoured in a manner truly deserving.
  • Bring in the Tribe: Bring along one special guest who has been a part of your journey, and celebrate cherished memories together.
  • Showcase Your Talent Live: Showcase the very essence of your achievement by taking centre stage and present a live performance of your attempt.
  • Media Spotlight: Step into the limelight with exclusive media interview opportunities, allowing you to share your journey and inspire countless others.
  • Exclusive Photoshoot: A personalised photoshoot that captures the essence of your accomplishment and your personality in style.
  • Connect and Network: Interact with fellow record-holders, making valuable connections and creating long-lasting memories with like-minded achievers.
  • Entertainment and Enlightenment: Celebrate with everyone in multiple insightful and engaging activities meticulously planned for you, ensuring that every moment is enriching and enjoyable.
  • 1-minute Personal Show Reel: Receive a personalised 1-minute show-reel that captures the essence of this milestone occasion, a keepsake that you’ll treasure forever.
  • Meet the Masters: Interact with the exceptional minds behind the India Book of Records–the team behind the trophy; gaining insights, verifying and rewarding you with the apt recognition for your passionate endeavour.

This will be followed by a special closing ceremony where record-holders will receive an iconic India Book of Records memento.

The Convocation@IBRoffice is scheduled on the second Saturday of the month. To secure your place at this prestigious event, kindly notify us at least one week in advance.

Video of the November 18, 2023 Convocation ​

Glimpses of the November 18, 2023 Convocation

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Video of the October 14 , 2023 Convocation ​

Glimpses of the October 14, 2023 Convocation

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Video of the September 9, 2023 Convocation

Glimpses of the September 9, 2023 Convocation

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A Glimpse of Press Coverage of the September 9, 2023 Convocation