Human Story Records

Breaking of Glass Planks by Head

Maltumkar Santhosh

Breaking of Glass Planks by Head

Maltumkar Santhosh (born on September 29,1978 ) of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh broke 175 glass planks having 2 mm thickness, placed on bricks at 5 places in a set of 35 x 5 with his head by walking on hands in 41 seconds on December 14, 2008 at Gosha Mahal police stadium.


Heaviest Baby At Birth

Vanshika Ketan Mehta

Heaviest Baby at Birth

Vanshika of Surat (Gujarat) became the cynosure; the moment she entered in this world . She is given a beautiful name by her parents which means,” one who progresses the name of her family by bringing in fame,fortune and God’s grace. Priti Maheta and  Ketan Maheta were blessed with ‘Vanshika’ on June 11, 2010 at 11.26 am in Surat (Gujarat) . She is the heaviest new born baby girl weighing 5.680 kg and length 57 cm. The birth of this baby girl took place through cesarean.

Shortest Body Builder

Aditya Romeo Dev

Shortest Body Builder

Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev of Phagwara (Punjab) born in 1988 is the shortest body builder with a heightof 2 feets and 9 inch and weight 9.25 kgs. Unlike many dwarfs, Romeo is well proportioned, havinga head of 38cm (15 inches) and a chest of 51cm (20 inches). He maintains his figure by puttingin long hours with his trainer Ranjeet Pal. He has custom-built dumb bells 1.5 kgthat combined, are 1/4 of his body weight.

Lucky 1000 minutes


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Sudesh Mankar (born on June 12, 1974) of Nagpur(Maharashtra ) drove his 1000cc Zen car from Nagpur to New Delhi (1000 Km approx) in less than 1000 minutes.


Car Pulling with Hair

vasa manikaran

car pulling with hair

Vasa Manishankar (born on June 7, 2003) is merely seven years old. This little boy can perform a stunning trait! Incredible for his years, he can stupefy anyone with his exceptional quality of pulling a car by his hair. On May 19, 2010, he pulled Maruti 800cc with his hair and covered an astonishing 80 feet distance within 46 seconds. He says that he has achieved this feat by frequent practice.


Shortest Actor

Ajay Kumar

Smallest Actor

Ajay Kumar of Kerala is the shortest actor of the world. He is only 2ft 6 inch (75 cm) tall and weights 28 kg. He is commonly known as ‘Unda Pakru’ his wife Gayatri is 5 ft and 5 inch tall.

Oldest Mother of Triplets

oldest motherof triplets

oldest motherof triplets

Bhateri Davi (born on May 19, 1944) of Rohtak,Harayana has become the oldest woman to give birth to triplets, at the age of 66. The triplets were conceived through IVF and were born at the National Fertility Center in Haryana , where the triplets two boys having weight of 1 kg and 530 gm and 1 kg and 928 gm and a girl having weight of 652 gm. For Deva Singh (64 years old) to become a father is like a dream come true as he wanted an heir.

Solo Tractor Expedition

Jaibir Singh.

Solo Tractor Expedition.

Jaibir Singh Virk (born on April 13, 1980) of Kurukshetra (Haryana) sucessfully completed a solo tractor expedition to Himalayas, the expedition started on June 12, 2008 at 1:00 Pm June 30, 20028 at 4:00 Pm covering 3,175 in  19 days. During his expedition, he passed through nine high passes, including Khardung La, the worl’s highest motorable road at 18,380 feet. The expedition was sponsored by Preet tractor Pvt. Ltd.