Human Story Records

Shortest Actor

Ajay Kumar

Smallest Actor

Ajay Kumar of Kerala is the shortest actor of the world. He is only 2ft 6 inch (75 cm) tall and weights 28 kg. He is commonly known as ‘Unda Pakru’ his wife Gayatri is 5 ft and 5 inch tall.

Oldest Mother of Triplets

oldest motherof triplets

oldest motherof triplets

Bhateri Davi (born on May 19, 1944) of Rohtak,Harayana has become the oldest woman to give birth to triplets, at the age of 66. The triplets were conceived through IVF and were born at the National Fertility Center in Haryana , where the triplets two boys having weight of 1 kg and 530 gm and 1 kg and 928 gm and a girl having weight of 652 gm. For Deva Singh (64 years old) to become a father is like a dream come true as he wanted an heir.

Solo Tractor Expedition

Jaibir Singh.

Solo Tractor Expedition.

Jaibir Singh Virk (born on April 13, 1980) of Kurukshetra (Haryana) sucessfully completed a solo tractor expedition to Himalayas, the expedition started on June 12, 2008 at 1:00 Pm June 30, 20028 at 4:00 Pm covering 3,175 in  19 days. During his expedition, he passed through nine high passes, including Khardung La, the worl’s highest motorable road at 18,380 feet. The expedition was sponsored by Preet tractor Pvt. Ltd.

The Fastest Drive from West to East

Bhalinder Singh Sangha, Harinder Rana Sidhu and Karnabir Singh Bedi.

The Fastest Drive from West to East.

Bhalinder Singh Sangha(30) Harinder  Rana Sidhu( 29) and Karanbir Singh Bedi( 27 ) – covered a distance of approximately 3,941 km from Koteshwar (Gujarat) to Tezy (Arunachal Pradesh) by a Mahindra Xylo in 84 hours and 52 minutes.The drive started on 1 June 2009 at 8 a.m. from Koteshwar and finished at Tezy on 4 June 2009 at 8.52 p.m.



Longest Self-driven tour along the length & breath

Longest Self-driven tour along the length & breath

Mr. Raj Rup Fuliya born on 30 March 1954, undertook a self driven tour of 54 days (from 29th September 2004 to 21st November  2004) in his personal “Maruti Zen” car ( DL-4CC-7639, Model 1994) covering the length and breath of India, traveling a total distance of 18666.


Travelling through length and breadth

Aadil Bandukwala (Belgaum), Sameer Siddique (Bangalore) and Ratheesh Kumar (Kerela)

Travelling through length and breadth

Three friends – Aadil Bandukwala (Belgaum), Sameer Siddique (Bangalore) and Ratheesh Kumar (Kerela) undertook a daring act of travelling to each and every state in India including the states’ capital cities, in a car, covering a distance of more than 16,000 kilometers in less than 18 days. They began their adventurous journey on June 16, 2010, at 6 pm from Bangalore and concluded it on July 4, 2010 at 1.30 pm, covering 28 states and 5 union territories. They travelled through the length and breath of the country – covering over 16,470 km in 17 days, 19 hours and 30 minutes. They broke the earlier record that was set at 19 days and 23 hours, by a solid margin of 52 hours.


The Achiever of 4th Degree Black Belt

Bikram S. Thapa.

The Achiever of 4th Degree Black Belt.

Bikram S. Thapa (born 15 March 1974) of  Darjeeling (West Bengal ) is the first Indian who has received the fourth Degree Black Belt in Choi Wang Do from Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi, on May 26,2004 at Altante (USA). He is a Technical Director of Choi-Kwang-Do Martial Art International, Panchkula (Haryana).


Most Push-ups in a minute

Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury


Mr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury of Faridabad ( Haryana) made a world record of 198 push – ups in a minute in  Hotel Lee Meridian, New Delhi on  April 3, 2007 .