Helping Hand & Appreciation Records

India Book of Records appreciates helping hands and felicitates them

Helping hand, hands are hard to  get by  in today’s time. Whenever one finds a one, ones should respect, appreciate and thank lord for the same immensely, feels India Book of Records. India Book of Records considers all those worthy enough, big or small for having made a record, records, as and when one lends helping hands for issues, projects which hold social, cultural, economical, ecological importance or either try and give these fields new life, meaning altogether.

Not for publicity purpose or any other self interest motive behind them, but some people, organizations undertake extraordinary feats for the common good of a large number of people, society, country and the world on the whole, feels India Book of Records. For them no award for these can be better, bigger than the ones which they are supposed to receive and get from India Book of Records.

India Book of Records, considers it as its duty to give them their much asked for, deserved  respect, adulation, say in noble, charitable circles working. NGOs, other state, country and world-level bodies working in this respect, feature in above position in the list of India Book of Records to be felicitated under its Helping hand & appreciation category of records. There are only a very few people, organizations who dare to take the first step, initiate a revolution, despite fear involved or in absence of financial help, but they are the ones which find a place in the heart of India Book of Records and are held at a high pedestal and felicitated by it accordingly. Authorities are not just there for guiding us, but they too require our guidance, attention in a number of cases, feels India Book of Records.

One of the biggest of their requirements is to get help for protecting peace, tranquility, secular fabric of the country in every condition, at every cost possible, feels India Book of Records. Armed forces, soldiers, social activists, whistleblowers and the like, comprise the category under which India Book of Records considers them for its Helping hand & appreciation feats, records.

In addition to this, there are also sanitation, hygiene, cleanliness workers and inspectors, who by lending their time, energy, sometimes life even strive towards maintaining and in cases also making, building platforms for enabling people to live in a neat and clean environment in the future, feels India Book of Records. Injustices towards females are uncalled for, but still exist and thrive. So under India Book of Record’s Helping hand and appreciation category comes all those, who stand up for their rights, shunning injustices against them and in this way, encouraging others of their lot to follow suit and lead a life by being an example for others.

Malnutrition and high child mortality rates are problems in the country, which take away lives of innumerable children. So are crimes against them. However, there is a requirement of people who consider it as their duty to fight for the causes, try control them and mitigate them totally, at their own respective, individual levels if possible. India Book of Records, believes felicitating all those already fighting for the causes, while turning newcomers into these fields into professionals by supporting, awarding even their minimalist of the steps taken in the mentioned directions.


The record for providing an end to end solution to stop cigarette butt contamination was set by the founder of Code Effort Private Limited, Mr. Naman Gupta (born on October 8, 1994) of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Since September 25, 2018, his company has been collecting cigarette butts from PAN India through cigarette vendors, contractors, corporate offices, rag-pickers, and recycles the collected waste to make products like cushions, handicrafts, mattresses, customized soft toys, as confirmed on June 11, 2020.


The record for making the maximum number of masks by an individual in a day is 50 and was set by Nitika Singh Gaur (born on February 11, 1991) of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, taking 3 minutes and 45 seconds to make one mask. The masks were distributed to the poor and needy, as confirmed on May 28, 2020.



The record for organising an interesting online fest to raise funds during the lockdown was set by CELEBR8. The team organised various activities to entertain people like poster making, playing Antakshari, PUBG competition, poetry event and an event to promote yoga by posting a picture on social media. A revenue of Rs 3500/- generated from the competitions was donated to the PM Care Fund, as confirmed on May 27, 2020.



The record for conducting the largest oral cancer screening programme using the VELscan device was set by Dr. Jagdish Zadke, BDS and Dr. Kailash Asawa, MDS from Pacific Dental College, Udaipur, Rajasthan, at Wonder Cement Limited, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, on February 4, 2020. A total of 3,008 people have undergone through oral cancer screening.



The maximum post office accounts opened for widows of a district in a day is 6,685 and this record was set by District Collector Rajkot, Gujarat, at Head Post Office, Rajkot, Gujarat, on January 18, 2020.



The record for being a conscientious social activist was set by Mohit Salgiya (born on July 6, 2000) of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He contributed to the society by performing various activities such as participating in cleanliness projects, planting trees, feeding street dogs; offering services to the polio camps, old age homes, blind homes; and at election booths as a level officer. He has also worked for NGOs and projects related to water harvesting, traffic awareness programmes, as confirmed on December 12, 2019.



The record for making and displaying the biggest towel art of Siamese Crocodile with a length of 51ft was set by I-PHA at Lemon Tree Hotel, Pune, on January 18, 2020. The team of 7 members took 3 hours and used 870 towels to set up a replica of an endangered species of the crocodile.



The record for being a nocturnal ambulance man was set by Manjunath Ningappa Pujari (born on December 04, 1978) of Belagavi, Karnataka. He has been providing free services to needy people in his auto rickshaw ambulance, late at night, since the last 3 years and he has so far served 150 people. During the day, he works as an office assistant in IL&FS group of companies and serves the needy by night, as confirmed on November 23, 2019.