Fake Record Books

Dear Record Holders,

As Chief Editor of India Book of Records, I assume the responsibility to protect the interest and rights of National Record Holders and to educate them so that they may not fall into the trap of fake record books. See the following box to identify the fake record books.

International Protocol for Records (IPRs)

How to Identify Fake Record Books:

  1.  Ask for a Government Registration under RNI Act.
  2.  Ask for the physical copy of the record book.
  3.  Check the availability of the books in major online book stores like Amazon and Flipkart.
  4. Verify whether the chief editor of the record book is participating in half yearly National Book Records Chief Editor’s Meet.


In many neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and even smaller countries like Cambodia and Laos, the National record books are controlled ,monitored and well regulated by the government. But in India  because of absence of strong control by the government  many one page facebook record books have mushroomed to cheat the innocent record holders by extracting  money in the name of records. Also because of the ignorance amongst the  national record aspirants , such fake one man fly  by night record books are opening so fast, soon it will outnumber even the total number of records .Here is the partial list of  fake record holders books.

  • Achievers Book of records
  • Amaze Book of World Records
  • Andhra Book of Records
  • Assist World Records
  • Best Of India Record book
  • Bharat Book Of Records
  • Bharath Book of Records
  • Book of State Records
  • Bulandshahar Book of Records
  • Champions Book of Records
  • Children Records Book
  • Country book of Records
  • Elite World Records
  • Face India Book of World Records
  • Future Kalams Book of Records
  • Genius Book Of Records
  • Genius Mind Book of Records
  • Global Book of Records
  • Global Records
  • Global Records
  • Gold star world Record Book
  • Golden Book of Records
  • Gujarat Book of Records
  • High Range Book of World Records
  • India Records Academy
  • India Star Book of Records
  • Indian Achiever Book of Records
  • Indian Book of Records (Don’t confuse it with India Book of Records)
  • Indian World Records
  • International Book of Records
  • International Wonder Book of Records
  • Jet-lee Book of Records
  • Kerala Book of Records
  • Knanaya Book of Records
  • Maharashtra Book of World Records
  • Marvellous Record Book
  • Naija Book of Records
  • National Book of Records
  • Noble World Records
  • Online World Records
  • Patanjali Book of Records
  • Planet Book of Records
  • Rajasthan Book of Records
  • Real World Records
  • Star Book of Records
  • Talent Book of Records
  • Tamilan Book of Records
  • Telangana Book of Records
  • Telugu Book of Records
  • Unique World Records
  • Universal Achievers Book of Records
  • Universal Records Forum
  • URF Asian Records
  • Uttar Pradesh Book of Records
  • Winner Books of Record
  • Winners Book of World Records
  • Wonder Book of Records
  • World Amazing Records
  • World Book of Records
  • World Records India

Please bring to our notice of any fake record books at Ph # 9999436779 or mail us at [email protected]

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
Chief Editor
India Book of Records

*All disputes are subject to Faridabad jurisdiction only