Collection of Records

Paper documents as memorabilia(s) collected by people is adulated, respected and felicitated by India Book of Records, nothing like it, if they are in good conditions. In today’s time, where most of the things are available online, there are still a number of people who believe in conserving paper records, stamps, bus tickets, tickets of fairs etc collected by them in a course of many years, and India Book of Records appreciates, respects them and thinks them worthy of being felicitated under its record category of Collection of Records.

Money, paper notes are hard to save in today’s time, but still some people are able to accomplish this difficult task, whom India Book of Records thinks worthy of being felicitated. People, record makers in this context do it either for their sheer fixation with a number or series of number on a paper note, colour, shades of notes or either signed by any of a person, whom the former wants to remember always. Whatever may be the reason, emotion behind this but India Book of Records feels them appropriate to be added in its list of Collection of Records category.

Earlier people had a hobby of collecting paper stamps with them, which in the present scenario has taken a backseat especially because of all the new-age media and post offices, not in that much strong working conditions as what they were many years ago, says India Book of Records. However, falling in line with other measures adopted for trying, reviving the system of post offices and letter writing by people, India Book of Records makes it a point of felicitating people with the hobby of collecting stamps with them to try enhance the processes at its own end. Paper documents collected, kept by people in the course of many years, a time comes when all these become scrap for others, but not for record makers in this respect and India Book of Records, which supports, felicitates and promises to be there for the people talked about here always.

Some people succeed in possessing a collection of mark sheets and certificates won by them in schools and colleges with them, which India Book of Records considers no mean task and felicitates them accordingly. Earlier, before social media came into operation and use, meeting celebrities, interacting with them and taking their signatures and keeping them as memorabilia(s) was a hobby, says India Book of Records, which is no more or either not that much the case at present. Whatever it is, but India Book of Records still considers it a big achievement on the part of people having collection of signatures of celebrities with them, and considers them appropriate enough of being felicitated under its Collection of Records category.

Social media moving at  fast speed with more new technological inventions in this regard to come up in the future, you never know if one day India Book of Records is found felicitating the social media sites, for comprising records in them related to people’s lives, hobbies, tastes, perceptions, data and the like from its side, under its umbrella, jurisdiction, control etc.

The Unique Caps

Anant Joshi

The Unique Caps

Anant Joshi (born on February 20, 1968) of Kalyan (Maharashtra) has a collection of around 1000 caps. He began his hobby 20 years back with some regular caps only. His hobby became a passion, when his relatives and friends started gifting him caps from all over the world. He has also constructed a cap museum behind his home. His unique collection includes bowler’s hat, Mexican hats, Halloween hat and many ancient hats.


Daily Photographs

Suman & Jay

Daily Photographs

Munish Bansal of Kent (United Kingdom) has clicked daily jpictures of his daughter Suman (13) and son Jay (11) since birth. Suman has 49210 and Jay has 4009 daily photographs updates till November 4, 2009. He has packed 600 albums with the images and displays them on a dedicated website to showcase his two ‘delightful kids’.

The Maximum Uncirculated Banknotes

Nishant chaudhury

The Maximum Uncirculated Banknotes

Nishant Choudhury (born on August 5, 1979) of Jaipur (Rajasthan) has collected maximum uncirculated banknote ending with 186 of 10 denomination. All the 7,860 notes were printed in 2008. He made his record in the shortest span of 67 days only.


Largest Shaving Lesson

Largest Shaving Lesson

Largest Shaving Lesson

On March 11,2011 , Gillette Mach 3 Turbo made record by giving largest shaving lesson, around 150 couples had participated in this event. Neha Dhupia and Arjun Rampal conducted the shaving lesson at Ansal Paza,New Delhi.

The largest pair of scissors


Neerja Roy Chowdhury

Largest Pair of Scissors

Neerja Roy Chaudhry memory expert hailing from Meerut, has designed a pair of scissors sized 7 feet and 7 inches. On August 16, 2009 at Air Force Auditorium for unveiling of the first memory comic containing easy tips to memorise the Oxford Dictionary, the mammoth scissors were used to cut the ribbon wrapping of the book. Neerja, who has also designed the memory comic book, said, “Whenever a book or a product is launched, it is common to use scissors to cut the ribbon. And when the scissors is the largest pair, it adds further color to the event.


Largest Mass Wedding in India

Bharat Swabhiman’ headed by Baba Ramdev organized the largest mass wedding ceremony, where MLA Ravi Kumar Rana took wedding vows with South Indian actress Navneet Kaur; where pious rites and rituals were solemnized from diverse communities and religions for more than 3100 couples at Science Core Ground, Amravati on February 2, 2011.


Sapna Book house – The largest book house in India

Sapna Book House Pvt Ltd – India’s largest showroom for books is located in Bangalore, started in 1967, is spread across 40, 000 sq.ft and caters to information, education and entertainment products. It showcases books for general reading, management, sciences, textbooks for graduate courses and competitive exams, engineering, computer and medicine, enticing collection of children’s books; it also has the largest collection of Kannada literatures. It has total 6 branches in Sadashivnagar, Jaynagar, Indiranagar, Koromangala and Mysore including its head office in Gandhinagar (Bangalore). All these branches are spread across 1,50,000 sq ft.



Collection of A-Z Wrist Watches Brands

Ninad Jadhav (born on July 11, 1977) of Nagpur, Maharashtra has the collection of total  262 A-Z wrist watches brands which includes 111 Indian brands and 151 foreign brands. He has total 786 watches in his collection.