Collection of Records-Records

Paper documents as memorabilia(s) collected by people is adulated, respected and felicitated by India Book of Records, nothing like it, if they are in good conditions. In today’s time, where most of the things are available online, there are still a number of people who believe in conserving paper records, stamps, bus tickets, tickets of fairs etc collected by them in a course of many years, and India Book of Records appreciates, respects them and thinks them worthy of being felicitated under its record category of Collection of Records.

Money, paper notes are hard to save in today’s time, but still some people are able to accomplish this difficult task, whom India Book of Records thinks worthy of being felicitated. People, record makers in this context do it either for their sheer fixation with a number or series of number on a paper note, colour, shades of notes or either signed by any of a person, whom the former wants to remember always. Whatever may be the reason, emotion behind this but India Book of Records feels them appropriate to be added in its list of Collection of Records category.

Earlier people had a hobby of collecting paper stamps with them, which in the present scenario has taken a backseat especially because of all the new-age media and post offices, not in that much strong working conditions as what they were many years ago, says India Book of Records. However, falling in line with other measures adopted for trying, reviving the system of post offices and letter writing by people, India Book of Records makes it a point of felicitating people with the hobby of collecting stamps with them to try enhance the processes at its own end. Paper documents collected, kept by people in the course of many years, a time comes when all these become scrap for others, but not for record makers in this respect and India Book of Records, which supports, felicitates and promises to be there for the people talked about here always.

Some people succeed in possessing a collection of mark sheets and certificates won by them in schools and colleges with them, which India Book of Records considers no mean task and felicitates them accordingly. Earlier, before social media came into operation and use, meeting celebrities, interacting with them and taking their signatures and keeping them as memorabilia(s) was a hobby, says India Book of Records, which is no more or either not that much the case at present. Whatever it is, but India Book of Records still considers it a big achievement on the part of people having collection of signatures of celebrities with them, and considers them appropriate enough of being felicitated under its Collection of Records category.

Social media moving at  fast speed with more new technological inventions in this regard to come up in the future, you never know if one day India Book of Records is found felicitating the social media sites, for comprising records in them related to people’s lives, hobbies, tastes, perceptions, data and the like from its side, under its umbrella, jurisdiction, control etc.


The record for the largest coffee painting of Mahatma Gandhi measuring 156.5 sq meters was made with expired coffee by Adipudi Devisri (born on August 23, 2005) of Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. The painting was made in 33 hours, in between May 7 to 9, 2019.



The record for making a unique educational structure was set by Yogesh Ramesh Patil (born on January 15, 1977) of Dhule, Maharashtra. The structure consists of letters from A- Z, numbers from 0-9, vowels, punctuation marks, Hindi consonants, as confirmed on August 14, 2019.



The record for being a devoted mentor was set by  Dommati Bikshapathi (born on January 10, 1967) of Warangal Rural, Telangana, wherein he made a  student named V. Ganesh memorize the value of Pi up to 2000 decimal places, which he recited in 14 minutes. He also made another student named L. Divya memorize the same up to 500 decimal places, which she recited in 1 minute 17 seconds. The record stands confirmed on June 12, 2019.



The maximum number of vehicles registered under a single series with the same registration number is 21 and this record was set by Saurabh Jasoria and his family from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. They are in possession of registration numbers from UP80EB 0003 to UP80EZ 0003, barring UP80EI, UP80EO, UP80EG and UP80ET. This record stands confirmed on June 12, 2019.



The record for growing the tallest basil tree was set by Deep Manojbhai Chothani (born on December 8, 1997) of Bhuj, Gujarat. The height of the tree, located at Santalpur, is 7 feet 4 inches. The record stands confirmed on July 11, 2019.



The maximum number of effigies burnt on Dussehra is 50, and the record was set by Shri Shishu Baal Ramleela Samiti Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. They erected and burnt 48 effigies of 20ft Ravan along with 40ft effigies of Ravan and Meghnath on October 21, 2018, at Khunkhunji Girls Degree College, Lucknow Ground. The record stands confirmed on July 20, 2019.



The record for the smallest mixer measuring 1.5cm x 2.1cm, made with small motor, charging port, button switch, small wires, gum, stickers, aluminum foil, pen nib, push button and a blade was set by Vinay Kumar Kante (born on February 26,1996) of Krishna, Andhra Pradesh. The record stands confirmed on July 2, 2019.

The record for the smallest innovative iron box measuring 9mm x 5mm x 6mm, made with copper sheet, nichrome wire, small copper wires and gum was set by Vinay Kumar Kante (born on February 26,1996) of Krishna, Andhra Pradesh, as confirmed on July 3, 2019.



The record for the first rub and reveal newspaper was set by Kids Age on February 9, 2019. This is a special edition of Kids Age newspaper which contains images and texts hidden beneath a net of black ink (Thermosensitive ink). To reveal the images and the texts the black dots are to be rubbed with fingers. Rubbing the black dots generates heat, which makes the black dots transparent and the images and texts beneath it appears, as confirmed on March 3, 2019.