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Business person of the year-2015

Mahesh-Kisan1Mahesh Kisan Motewar

Chairman, Managing Director

Samruddha Jeevan Group

Consumer is literally King. Today he has not only wide range of products and services to choose from but spoiled to choose from payment options, delivery mechanism and market itself. There are innovative business models to exceed the ever demanding need of consumers. From old kiranawala in the corner to Super Malls, online websites to dedicated Retail TV Channel, everything is there to enrich consumers experience. Here this market creates a space for new ideas and opportunities for start-ups. Success formula for such business model is lies in sustainable, scalable and profitable. Market is full of success as well as not so successful start-ups. India book of Records, in its category ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ honors, businessperson for distinctive contribution and achievement. We search for such success stories wherein person has set a benchmark for others and enriches the lives of consumers and persons associated with organization.

Dr. Mahesh Kisan Motewar (born on September 26, 1968), a Chairman and Managing Director of Samruddha Jeevan Foods India Ltd (SJFIL), the flagship company of Samruddha Jeevan Group. His self sufficiency and business acumen was chiseled at a very early age. He has devoted all his life to the development and growth of the business and Samruddha Jeevan Pariwar . His actual experience of hardships associated with farming and allied activities, was eventually responsible for establishment of Samruddha Jeevan in April 2002 and then Samruddha Jeevan Foods India Ltd., registered as a public limited company in April 2006. From then on, there was no looking back for this self made entrepreneur. SJFIL is primarily involved in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Banking, Hospitality, Infrastructure & Construction, InfoTech, Healthcare, Aviation, Education, Social Foundation & Media etc.

anil-kapoor-dr-mahesh-motewarDr. Mahesh Motewar’s dynamic leadership and effective management skills enabled Samruddha Jeevan Pariwar to achieve strategic transformation and provide Customer Satisfaction. In-depth study and practical experience in the industry synchronized with technological expertise has propelled company to unprecedented success. Being an excellent business leadership Dr. Mahesh Motewar is also actively involved in Social welfare activities through Samruddha Jeevan Foundation.

A growing organization face multiple challenges and a great leadership always focuses on the imperative aspects like efficient human resource, financial security, technology, etc. to face and overcome it. Dr. Mahesh Motewar was born in a farmer family and he knew all the aspects of agriculture and the challenges faced by the farmers. At a very early age he realized the need to work towards improving the condition of farmers and agriculture in India. How they become helpless in such situations and sometimes take hard step to quit living. To strengthen the farmers and their families, the seeds of the Samruddha Jeevan Pariwar was sown and now it is successfully meeting its aim.

events_ctb_01Being an excellent business leader Dr. Mahesh Motewar is also actively involved in Social welfare activities through ‘Samruddha Jeevan Foundation’. All through the years this foundation has strived and worked on various projects specially designed and meant for the betterment of those members of the Society who have something missing in their lives. Samruddha Jeevan foundation carries out a Mega event in the form of Blood donation Camp every year on 26th September on the occasion of b’day of Hon. Dr. Mahesh Kisan Motewar. These blood donation camps receives huge response from all around the country. ‘Samruddha Jeevan’ is the 1st company to arrange this kind of big blood donation camp at a time & awarded with India Book of Records.banner_bdc_2013_01He lost his father at a very early stage in his life; the responsibility of his family fell on his young shoulders. He had to go through critical financial situation, but he did not give up. Besides having family responsibility on his shoulders, he also focused on his education and skill development. He started working hard and completed Diploma in Civil Engineering. After a very small start of the group Dr. Mahesh Motewar never looked back and established a company which gave the prosperity to each and every one associated with it. His effective leadership has enabled Samruddha Jeevan Pariwar to achieve strategic transformation and provide customer satisfaction.