Brilliant recall skills of a kid

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Brilliant recall skills of a kid


VP Varshitha Reddy is one of those kids who have a very sharp memory. In recognition of her ability to remember many things, India Book of Records (IBR) issued her a Certificate of Appreciation. Now she is 4 years 9 months old, whereas just four months ago she attempted a memory test and came out with flying colours. In a video performance she was able to identify 12 animals, 11 birds, 14 professions, 21 actions, 12 famous personalities, 16 vehicles, numbers from 1 to 27, 24 body parts, 35 general items, 11 words with opposite meanings, 15 languages​​printed on Indian currency, capitals of all states and union territories of India, months in a year, four seasons, 20 national symbols and 10 rhymes without any hesitation.

Varshitha was born on August 16, 2017 at Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu. She is an adorable daughter of her father C. Vijender Reddy and mother Mrs G. Priya Reddy. Her mother says that you tell anything to Varshita and she remembers it. She can recall things even after a year. She pronounces the shlokas very well and enjoys doing writing and drawing work. She is also a little mischievous and most of the time she is super active, which increases her mother’s household responsibilities. The little doll adjusts to every situation quickly and gets along happily with everyone. She always tries to get what she wants. By the way, she is a multi-tasker.

Varshitha likes to make something or the other with colours on a paper. After making drawings she can narrate a related story, which she thinks on the spot, maybe because of her sharp imagination power. For the last 6 months, she has been learning karate, in which she has got a yellow belt. Cycling and playing badminton with friends are her outdoor sport activities, which she enjoys the most. She likes to be in groups and plays a lot with water in the swimming pool and on the beach.

Her father is in the business of packaging materials and owns a Polypack company. Even in his busy schedule, he finds time to play with his daughter and enjoys every joke she cracks. Mother Priya is a homemaker, who quit her regular job after giving birth to Varshitha, so that she can give her proper attention.  Varshita loves to travel and has visited Delhi, Agra, Goa, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Tanjore, Vellore, Kumbakonam, Chennai, Marina and Mahabalipuram beaches etc so far. She likes to play with sand on the beach. Priya’s message to other parents is to never compare your child with other children. Every child definitely has her own talent. It is the responsibility of the parents to identify that hidden talent or special quality and encourage her area of ​​interest. “Encourage the child even if she fails. By doing this their enthusiasm towards success increases even more,” added Priya.