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The record for being a child prodigy was set by Aradhana. A (born on June 15, 2016) of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, at the tender age of 3 years, 8 months and 2 days. She identified all elements of the Periodic Table, flags of 200 countries, capitals of 200 countries,17 Reptiles and Amphibians, 20 Domestic animals, nine animals of Hindu Gods, 23 animals and birds; recalled names of 22 birds, 13 vehicles, 25 parts of the body, all former Prime Ministers and Presidents of India, continents and states, sang the National Anthem; recited 25 vegetable names, 16 insects, 12 shapes, 12 flowers, 14 great leaders, numbers 1-100, 47 antonyms and read two English novels, as confirmed on February 17, 2020.